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Why should you include herbs in your daily routine?

Have you ever wondered why you should include herbs in your daily routine? Discover the power and secrets of herbs in your daily health care.

Why should you include herbs in your daily routine? Herbs, though often underestimated, have been a staple of traditional medicine for centuries. As we all know, herbs not only add flavor, but also have a beneficial effect on our health. Most often, however, they are used in our menu, and less often we reach for them when we want to drink. We more often choose juices, beverages or plain water, not being aware of how valuable herbal teas or infusions are.

Properly selected herbs can effectively support the body in its functioning every day, and even fight ailments such as stomach problems or colds. For those who would like to learn about the values of introducing herbs and infusions into the diet, we have listed the most important aspects:

Variety of minerals

They perfectly diversify the daily diet with compounds that are often missing from our menu. Manganese, chromium, zinc, potassium, magnesium, calcium are essential for us. And in our processed, fast diet, they are very often lacking. We often focus on calories or macronutrients in the diet, such as protein or fats, and forget about the all-important micronutrients. They determine the proper course of various processes, such as the contraction of muscle cells or the proper functioning of digestive enzymes.

A wealth of functional compounds

It is a huge collection of functional compounds, such as flavonoids or anthocyanins, which have scientifically proven health-promoting effects. They act as antioxidants, and oxidative stress is at the root of various degenerative diseases, ranging from prosaic faster skin aging, through atherosclerosis, to Alzheimer’s.

Disease prevention = longer life

We are used to treatments, especially the symptoms, not the causes. How about focusing on prevention? Just as in the past, Chinese doctors were paid to maintain the health of their rulers, not to treat them… Changing the perspective and focusing on prevention would save a lot of money in the health system and prevent many premature deaths. We would like to remind you that the leading causes of death around the world are currently cardiovascular diseases, which are caused by poor diet, oxidative stress and other variants, smoking or alcohol. And it is in plants that we have a natural wealth of compounds that work on many levels of health.

Supplement of the highest quality

A multivitamin pill will never match the potential of plants. For a simple reason – plants contain dozens, sometimes hundreds, of different, complex compounds. We haven’t met all of them yet and we will probably never be able to fully recreate the line-up in a synthetic way. And that’s why synthetic vitamin C powder will never be as effective as that derived from, for example, rosehip, which contains large amounts of flavonoids that facilitate the absorption and distribution of vitamin C in the body. So the argument about naturalness in this context has its strictly physiological justification, and it is not just an empty phrase or an invention.

Opening up to new taste sensations

Often, opponents of herbal teas believe that herbs are unpalatable. Some herbs may not be to the liking of beginners, especially if they contain large amounts of bitter substances. That is why we also make sure that our mixtures are tasty, because it is supposed to be a pleasant ritual, performed out of love for ourselves. But… Herbs are not just teas. You can use them to prepare various culinary wonders! Elderberry flowers in pancake batter stun with their floral aroma and exquisite taste. It’s as if someone was stroking our palate with a bare foot. 😉 Fresh nettle will successfully replace spinach in scrambled eggs or tofu scramble. There are many possibilities, sometimes all you need is… go for a walk and open up to the new. Cuisine will be written about in more detail another time.

Despite the valuable effects of herbs in our diet, whether in the form of spices or teas, it is worth remembering a few rules.

Herbs should always be chosen from reliable and proven sources. It is important to follow the daily intake so as not to cause the opposite effect to the intended one. If you suffer from something or suffer from certain ailments, it is also worth consulting a doctor or a reliable and experienced herbalist before introducing herbs into your diet.