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How do you make a change to make it work?

Learn how to make a change in your life so that it becomes a permanent part of your everyday life, not a momentary burst of enthusiasm.

We talk so much about dreams. People wish for them to be fulfilled on every major occasion, amid smiles, cakes and beautiful music. Although such moments are integrating and definitely enjoyable, it is not with all these kind words that you will achieve what you really want.

In the fight for your dreams, you have to look inside yourself and make your own concrete decisions. Properly rooted in healthy motivation, they will lead you successfully to the desired results you dream of so much. From always, many years, or from tomorrow.

In order for it to work, something has to start happening, you have to move the machine and be ready for change.

Make a decision, but REALLY make it.

What does this mean?
Your desire for change must be greater than the comfort of staying where you are.

The root of the word “decision” literally means to cut off alternative options. By choosing one path at the same time, you close the door to many others.

That’s why deciding is so difficult. It involves risk, uncertainty, and commitment. It takes courage, because dedicating yourself to something that goes beyond your own momentary feelings involves stepping out of your comfort zone. Entering a future full of unknowns is a task for the hero.

Thomas Monson once said, “Choose your love and love your choice.”

Okay, I’ve made up my mind. I want to live a healthier life, make better, more informed choices. I want every day of my life to be proof of that.

What’s next?

Answer the question:

Why is this important to me?

Understand your “why”. Why do I want this change? Where does it come from?

Example 1:

I know I’ve neglected my body and mind, while knowing that my body deserves to be healthy. I am ready and determined to take steps towards a better, healthier future. It’s my inner feeling and a strong decision. I want more because that’s what I deserve.

Example 2:

Someone commented on my bad habits. A colleague of mine from work does it better than I do. I watched one of the YT videos and thought, “Why don’t I give it a try? All in all, we could use some change.”

Notice the difference? Which decision is more likely to be successful? Decision number 2 is not inherently wrong. There is an inspiration for change and a desire to change, a willingness to try. However, it lacks the basics: strong intrinsic motivation (you can read about why it is important and how it increases your chances of success here: LINK)

What other risks does point 2 pose?

  1. It’s easier to fall into old habits or abandon your resolutions by forgetting.
  2. A greater chance of creating or reinforcing non-supportive beliefs. If I fail, “I have proof that it’s not for me, I’m not cut out for it.”
  3. Less motivation to change, shallower roots of resolution.

In addition, we often realize too late that we have been in a mad rush to pursue someone else’s goals instead of our own.

Are you pursuing your own goals?

Tip: Even if your decision is motivated by more external factors, see if you can reinforce it internally.


  1. Understand your “why”.
  2. Find intrinsic motivation.
  3. Is the desire for change stronger than the comfort of staying here?

Every change starts with one small decision. Your success depends on how strong it will be and how deeply embedded it is in the roots of motivation. Don’t be afraid to take a few moments to reflect and build on these foundations.

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