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Why walk barefoot?

Discover the amazing benefits of walking barefoot and feel the natural freedom underfoot.

Why walk barefoot? Many of us are unaware of the benefits this brings. Just as no house can be built without strong, stable foundations, we cannot talk about the correct body posture if we do not take care of a solid base, which is…


They are the ones who work hard every day, taking on several dozen kilograms of load, enabling us to move efficiently.

Did you know that in each foot we have as many as 32 joints and 20 muscles? That’s an incredible amount! And we often treat our feet as a uniform structure, underestimating the huge role they play in our body.

Muscles only work properly when they have the opportunity to work. Work with a full range of motion. You probably know, from your own experience or from your environment, what happens to a plastered hand after a few weeks spent in a stiff hull. Muscles that could not perform their function atrophy and limitations in the range of motion appear. It takes a lot of time and even more work before the hand fully recovers.

Therefore, it can be concluded that lack of exercise weakens muscles, limits mobility and destabilizes their functioning.

And in the meantime … What does the grey everyday life of our feet look like?

In the morning, we decorate them with elegant shoes, without paying much attention to WHAT kind of shoes they are. These are often shoes with a hard sole, which makes it difficult for the feet to flex and extend, not to mention the movement of supination and pronation. Often, these shoes have too narrow toes, which means that the toes do not have the opportunity to “spread”. Notice that almost no shoes take into account which toe is the longest and requires the most space in the shoe. Most of the footwear has a uniform toe or tapers (horror of horrors) in the middle and GOOD MORNING HALLUXES. After work, we usually jump into slippers, once again preventing the foot from working properly.

And so the circle of unconsciousness revolves, which can cost us dearly…

The biggest problem are elegant, stiff patent leather shoes and high heels. High heels completely change the biomechanics of the foot, which translates into incorrect positioning of the knees, pelvis, and the entire spine.

Many dysfunctions in our body are related to disturbed biomechanics of the foot, resulting from the weakening of its muscles and ligaments. If we want to build athletic fitness on such fragile foundations, we can only wait for an injury to occur.

We want to run without even being able to walk…

A few simple tips:

  • Go without shoes as often as possible. On different surfaces: grass, sand, carpet (no, you don’t have to wear slippers at home, it’s better to wear socks with thicker soles). The same goes for children – don’t put shoes on them in their apartments or strollers. In fact, wear them as rarely as possible.
  • Choose shoes that have soft, flexible soles that allow your foot to work to the maximum. You may find it difficult to adjust at first; long-term weakening of muscles and ligaments, disabling individual structures of the foot from work requires TIME to strengthen them. Have you heard of fivefingers or barefoot shoes? It is a great alternative to classic footwear. They provide the maximum feeling of walking barefoot while minimizing changes in the natural movement of the foot and protecting the sole.
  • Roll and roll your feet. It can be a tennis ball or any smaller, hard ball. Look for the sore spots and work on them.

  • Foot massage and self-massage. There are a huge number of receptors on the feet, thanks to which we can influence the functioning of basically the entire body. Hire a partner to help you. Even a few minutes of massage can do wonders for our nervous system.
  • Exercise your feet. Lifting the medial/outer part of the foot, plantar and dorsiflexion, lifting individual toes off the floor (hard huh?), rolling the material with the toes, exercises on unstable ground. There are plenty of options and you can never have too many such exercises!

To quote a wise Leonardo:

“The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art”

And yet every work of art should be taken care of, especially as important as the feet, because it is from them that the correct body posture begins.