How to eat to live well

We put into your hands our dietary and supplementation recommendations. This is a short guide, in which we will explain to you what your diet should look like, which is conducive to achieving the results you dream of and realizing the set goal. Let’s do it together.

Enjoy your reading and have every success!

From our study you will learn:

  • Living on grains and gluten?
  • What about cow dairy, limit or not necessarily?
  • What you should know about cholesterol.
  • Anti-nutrients
  • Hydrate properly, what does that mean?
  • Compose your meals with your head or just plain smart?
  • The importance of regularity in eating.
  • How important is oil in your diet?
  • The hygiene of life is not a myth.
  • The importance of physical activity in your life.
  • What is the balance in all this?


An outstanding nutritionist called by many the king of dietetics. More than 14 years of experience in health education. Nutrition expert appearing on television programs such as “Good Morning TVN” and “Question for Breakfast”. Author of recipes for many notable brands such as Bakalland, Legal Cakes, Lab One, Trec Nutrition, Miracle and Honey Catering, as well as author of the book “You can eat anything”.Founder of BeWell – more than a diet clinic that makes you healthy, feel good and look great. Simply put: you want to live!


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